People Are Awesome

So I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately, ok not just lately... Anyhow, YouTube is a window into so many worlds and experiences; as a result, it serves as a great tool for inspiration.

Now you've received some well rounded context to my procrastination, I can get on with this blog post...

I, like many, got onto a YouTube journey, where I went from music covers, to THIS- 'People Are Awesome' Don't ask how it happened, it just, did.

In these times where we are being pushed to believe that a large proportion of the world wants to bomb 'us' and alarms must be raised if you a man with children; it's refreshing to see such a positive, inspiring title. 

Watching these videos, I felt like I was binging on dreams and ambitions. I understand that there are limitations to carrying these out; my proficiency in Parkour may not allow me to do a spinning backflip between skyscrapers AND LIVE. But just think, if we all just took a tiny portion of these videos and implemented them into our lives? 

Instead of downhill biking off the Grand Canyon, maybe just dust off your bike and cycle through your nearest park, or forest. Taking a class in something OUT THERE, learning a skill; however random, that pushes your own boundaries will do the trick. What I've realised, especially living in the French Alps, is that just standing in nature, appreciating it's vastness can make you feel some of the freedom and exhilaration these 'awesome' people feel, while taking it to the extreme. 

So, what am I going to do with this piece of enlightenment? I'm going to practice what I preach, I'm going to push my boundaries, I'm going to aim to be an Awesome Person! Extreme Sports, news skills, more nature, just more awesomeness! 

Let's see how this works out......


Oh ok, one more video: There is some stomach-churning stuff on this one. (Hanging from a crane with one hand above a city with no safety straps, or net. At this point i should emphasise that this is all real-life stuff, no computer effects.