Nassim Haramein

I’ve always found a bit of a disconnect between certain concepts in science and the real world. Especially when I found out the science of really small things and the science of bigger things don't match up…….WHOOOAAA (Exactly). Even as a kid, you realise that you can’t put Lego and Duplo together, so I’ve never understood how that’s been accepted within science rehlms. A friend linked me this Nassim Haramein lecture a while back. This started my unique journey of enquiry.

This guy makes sense in a way that anyone can follow. That stuff should makes sense, because we are intrinsically made from these small things AND big things. So in the same way we can understand the principals of our own physiology, without knowing all the technical terms for your part and movements. you can still appriciate it if someone teaches you that within your chest you have a heart, that pumps your blood around and within your limbs you have muscles that contract and relax, to create movement.

Nassim Haramein, breaks physics down in that way.

It’s really interesting stuff.

AND no it’s not crazy hoodoovoodoo. Even mainstream science is starting to accept his concepts.

Leave Paula Radcliffe alone!

So politicians are talking about stuff they know nothing about AGAIN. This is a fine example of how we put people in a positions of power, who feel they are experts on whatever the leader of their party writes on their name badge.

I agree with Paula not to release her blood data, because you'll get a whole bunch of amateur bio-chemists 'publishing' their findings, that ignorant people will swallow up.

Doping has become so complex and skilled, that anti-doping authorities have to look into so many details, but have the power of context.

The blood values that are slightly high because they were taken either at altitude, or very soon after. That's put in consideration, so is not even an issue.

Politicians acting like they know what they're talking about again...... They should focus on stopping the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and fracking!

Epic Motivation

Sometimes I love to just have some epic motivation playing in the background, when I’m seeking inspiration and drive. I, like many other performers and entrepreneurs have a tendency to live in a bubble, away from humanity, working on my next project.

It’s so important for my sense of balance, to hear and see stuff that gets me out of this bubble, to prevent me going crazy. There are much shorter ambient Motivation Youtube videos, to watch in a stand-alone way. Either way i think it’s a great way to get you switched on and cranked up.