The Story So Far... 


They've called him 'The Maverick of the sax world,' because you're more likely to catch Dan Blaax blasting his horn in nightclubs with international acts, or breaking out epic solos with upcoming rock bands, than playing in any smoky jazz establishment. "The bigger the venue the better, I feel I've always got something epic to offer, no matter what."



This man has been around… From the heady nights at Ministry of Sound, London; to the flashy clubbing scene in Marbella, Spain. Revellers from all over the world have been graced with his full-on sax performances, like nothing seen before. 

These show-stopping performances have not gone unnoticed and have been picked up by Europe’s top DJ’s. The likes of DJ Spoony (BBC Radio 1) and Mark Doyle (Hed Kandi creator) have added the Dan Blaax magic to their live sets on the UK club scene. Fatman Scoop and Sweden’s top DJ pair, Qulinez have used Dan Blaax’s brand of ‘Epic Club Sax’ to open shows in France. 

Away from the craziness of nightclub performing, brands like T-Mobile have used Dan Blaax in a nationwide televised advertising campaign, which became a national tour.’

After residencies for the world famous La Folie Douce, by Le Majestic Barrière, Cannes (South of France), Dan Blaax has returned to his winter base in the French Alps. You will find Dan Blaax between some of the top resorts in the French Alps from Val D'Isere to Megéve.  

For all those who are hoping to catch some big Dan Blaax performance......big things are coming!


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